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Mini VETERAN PATTON - EUC Figure / Finger Toy

Mini VETERAN PATTON - EUC Figure / Finger Toy

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Additional Set of Our Power Pads

Product Description: 

The newest offering from Veteran - The ultra powerful 18" Patton, named after a war general... or something like that. 

PSA: This model is slightly bigger than our others, to properly accentuate the details of this wheel. At our normal scale, it just has too many small details and may be more fragile. This increases print time, and therefore price.

Power Pads:

You can still sick a back power pad to this wheel and it does help a lot! If you'd like to purchase a full set power pads, visit this link: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE POWER PADS


  1. Folding Pedals 
  2. Spinning Wheel with TPU tire (very satisfying) - Patton Knobby Tire
  3. Black Body, Black Wheel, Silver Pedals, White/GID Headlight, Red Tail Light, White/GID Screen, Red Tails, Red Suspension Caps (Side & Top)

EUC Stand:

EUC stand sold separately - please purchase here: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE STAND 


If you select the keyring option, you will receive a chain already attached to your MiniWheel!

Mega Wheel:

Mega Wheels are 2-3X price of our regular MiniWheels and because we scale them in every direction, you can fit approximately 4-5 MiniWheels in the volume of a Mega Wheel :) aka. they're BIG.


PLA (3D Printed PLastic)
TPU (Softer 3D Printed Plastic)

Shipping & Returns

Shipping quoted at checkout. One week return policy (shipping not covered). Exchanges only for defective products. Contact us and we'll take care of you!


Mini version of the real thing! Seriously!

Care Instructions

These wheels can take a beating, but some small features may crack or break if you drop them or ride them too hard! Normal operation is defined as; folding the pedals, spinning the wheel, and applying light- medium pressure while riding. Vicious grip or power pads really help with this!!

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The Original MiniWheel

Designed with actual rideability in mind, all of our miniwheels are tested and ridden to ensure maximum fun. Some models requre extra grip to get the full experience, so mini POWERPADS are an option where necessary, and VICIOUS GRIP comes with every order. The wheel spins smooth on a PLA axle, and will get smoother and self lubricate over time. The pedals always fold, to make putting it in your pocket a breeze!

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    If you ride your model too hard, or the UPS guy uses it like a baseball, we will happily replace it. Send us an email with a picture and we will sort you out!