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BEGODE EX30 Side Panels (Lexan)

BEGODE EX30 Side Panels (Lexan)

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These are a LIMITED run of the CLEAR Lexan side panels I made. These panels will never crack, and have a very high bend tolerance. They stick out past the battery boxes just a bit to provide some protection, but not further than the metal strut that holds them on. This panel should not affect clearance in the front or rear. 

There are more holes than necessary, partly by design, partly because I wasn't sure how many attachment points I would want. I populate 5 mounting points with the prints I provide, you can do more. These "blank" holes also serve as an easy way to check other bolts for tightness. 

The standard 3d print will be TPU


Clear - See whats going on in your wheel without having to take the panels off. 

Protective  - Large lexan sheets provide good protection from the elements and dropping. 

Modular - You can add or remove mounting as you see fit- or use the holes in the lexan for other things.

Strong - Using 6 bolts to hold on the panel instead of velcro. 2 are on "empty" holes in the ex30 metal structure, 3 are on battery cases, and 1 on the kickstand. 


Comes with ; 

2x Lexan side panels (clear)

12x 10-32x2" bolts and washers 

4x 10-32 nuts 

10x 3d Printed spacers 




Shipping in North America 


PLA (3D Printed PLastic)
TPU (Softer 3D Printed Plastic)

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Mini version of the real thing! Seriously!

Care Instructions

These wheels can take a beating, but some small features may crack or break if you drop them or ride them too hard! Normal operation is defined as; folding the pedals, spinning the wheel, and applying light- medium pressure while riding. Vicious grip or power pads really help with this!!

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Designed with actual rideability in mind, all of our miniwheels are tested and ridden to ensure maximum fun. Some models requre extra grip to get the full experience, so mini POWERPADS are an option where necessary, and VICIOUS GRIP comes with every order. The wheel spins smooth on a PLA axle, and will get smoother and self lubricate over time. The pedals always fold, to make putting it in your pocket a breeze!

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